Orders & payment

Upon receipt of the estimated time for construction of your guitar, a non-refundable deposit of 15% of the instrument's price will be requested for order confirmation. Please note that it is only an estimate and that it may vary notably. Nevertheless, I pledge to conform to the sequence in which orders have been passed, possibly keeping aside 1 or 2 instruments for my particular needs of representation (fairs, etc).

I will contact you just before construction of your instrument begins, which will allow us to finalize the details of your order, as well as payment and delivery options.


My guitars come with a 5-year limited warranty against defective materials and workmanship starting on the date you receive the instrument. In this case, costs for shipping and handling the guitar back to the workshop are your responsibility. This warranty only applies to the first owner and excludes damages caused by wrongful use of the instrument (hits, bumps, exposure to heat, cold, humidity, dryness, etc).

If you decide to have your guitar delivered by a carrier, it is very important check the condition of the instrument in front of the delivery agent. Transport companies usually offer insurance which I advise you purchase. Please do not accept the package if you notice any problem; if you neglect this checking procedure, no warranty can be applied. Also, I no longer send my guitars between December 1st and March 31st, due to the climate, which can cause problems during storage in warehouses or delivery vehicles.

Protection of your investment

Like all living materials, wood is very sensitive to variations in humidity. For this reason, extreme precautions are recommended, especially during winter when the air is very dry and electric heat can exacerbate this problem. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to place the instrument back into its case after each use, and equip it with a small humidifier.

The cellulose varnish, carefully selected for its acoustic properties is applied in the lightest coat possible to leave all the faculties of vibration intact. This varnish is therefore not as resistant as an industrial one.
There is no special attention needed except cleaning your instrument regularly with a soft cotton cloth or microfiber towel. Be careful of using any solvents, or polish containing solvents. Note too that the varnish itself may react to protective covers made of rubber or foam used on certain stands, or on hanger materials or any other object. Always cover these supports with a cotton cloth before placing the guitar into contact with them.
The varnish dries and stretches over a long period of time and over months may reveal pores on the back and sides or grain on wood tops. This is to be considered normal. For these reasons, there is no warranty for the finish

Please don't hesitate to ask me for advice concerning the care of your guitar.

Customer satisfaction

Despite the care and rigor which I bring to the construction of my instruments, in the event that your guitar does not satisfy you completely, you are entitled to a 15 days trial period starting on the day of receipt during which you can return it to the workshop. You will be reimbursed within a month; your deposit and the possible cost of refurbishment will be deducted from this amount. Please note that this only applies to "standard" orders and not "custom" or specific orders for which no trial period is offered.