Both of my two concert classical guitar models, « Recital » et « Maestro », are the result of long years of research, experimentation, discovery, and fine-tuning, leading to an innovative instrument of astonishing performance.

These innovations carve what can actually be defined as the "Burlot" sound. Whatever the model, « Recital » or « Maestro », you'll benefit from 4 fundamental characteristics that forge its sound identity, blending perfectly with the subdued aesthetical harmony and elegant appearance of my guitars.

A technology whose exclusive design maximises the vibratory efficiency of the instrument, without resorting to any composite materials. Classical concert guitar - Performance of the modern classical guitar   Classical concert guitar - Innovation focused on sound production The rosette-less unique opening on the top rib, which not only increases the vibrating area of the soundboard thus strongly enhancing the instrument's performance, but also allows you to sit « at the heart of the sound » for maximum enjoyment, and to better control your playing.
An ultra-light and curvy bridge that transmits strings vibration to the soundboard and whose movement is thus mechanically optimized. Classical concert guitar - Optimal balance and dynamics   Classical concert guitar - Sustain and richness of sound The open headstock which, through string vibration generates a spring-like energy bounce, thus improving sustain.

"Recital" model

"Maestro" model